Enabling Modern Authentication for Office

Lock by John Keane

Enabling Azure AD and Office 365 features including multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access will impact your users because they’ll need utilise App Passwords (one time passwords used for authentication with legacy applications). Unfortunately this will only serve to confuse users and result in calls to your service desk. Modern authentication […]

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Prepare your Office 2013 Customizations for Better Deployments and User Experience

Investing time into customising the deployment of Office 2013 is essential for providing a well managed deployment and the best out-of-box user experience. If you’re deploying a Windows Installer-based installation of Office 2013, you’ll need to customise the installation using the Office Customization Tool. User settings that might impact the […]

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Error with OUTLK12.ADM

The ADM/ADMX templates have been updated and include the fix for the Outlook template. See the download link below to update your templates. When adding the Outlook 2007 ADM template file, OUTLK12.ADM, to a Group Policy object, you may encounter the following error displayed when you view a settings report […]

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No Preview For You!

I think that the attachment preview feature (see number 10) of Outlook 2007 is one of its best new features, however I’ve noticed that Outlook can’t preview calendar appointments sent as an attachment. So essentially, Outlook can’t preview it’s own files, do’h! Check out the screenshot:

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Blogging with Word 2007

Having issues getting Word 2007 to register your blog provider? You may receive the following error message when attempting to add a blog account to Word: Word cannot register your account. The provider where you are trying to publish is unavailable. Contact your provider for assistance. Check out the following […]

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Outlook 2007 Icon Already in Vista

Ah, the things you find when you’re looking for something else. I was extracting some icons from Window Vista with the excellent Axialis IconWorkshop and stumbled across MSSVP.DLL in the SYSTEM32 folder. It looks to be a part of Windows Seach. Well, this file has a number of Outlook icons […]

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