App-V 5 FAQ: Visual C++ Redistributable as local installs or allow App-V to deploy as needed?

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This FAQ has been contributed by Thamim Karim, a former Microsoft employee and owner of popular App-V blog Over the years @ThamimKarim has worked across the globe assisting customers with their user experience and application deployment strategies offering both consultancy and training services. He also has made many speaker […]

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App-V FAQ: What are Providers Policies?

This is a guest post from Jurjen van Leeuwen, an App-V MVP (new for 2011) and independent consultant based in Norway. You can read more from Jurjen at his web site. Provider Policies are ‘rules’ that apply when users launch virtual applications from a Microsoft App-V Management Server using RTSP(s). […]

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App-V FAQ: What tools does Microsoft provide for App-V?

Microsoft provides several tools that are useful for managing your App-V environment. Although Microsoft does make these applications freely available, they are not supported through the official Microsoft Support channels. Use the Microsoft Application Virtualization TechNet forums to provide feedback or report any problems. The tools include: Application Virtualization Sequencing […]

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App-V FAQ: Can I virtualise Internet Explorer with App-V?

No, unfortunately you cannot use App-V to virtualise Internet Explorer today. Other application virtualisation solutions such as VMware ThinApp, Symantec Workspace Virtualization, and InstallFree Bridge can virtualise Internet Explorer, so why can’t App-V? There’s no technical reason why App-V can’t virtualise Internet Explorer; however at this time Microsoft’s stance on […]

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