App-V Recipes

Here’s a list of App-V recipes, tips and other resources available from Microsoft and the App-V community to assist with sequencing applications:

Where to find information on sequencing

These guides should be followed when sequencing an application and will assist in creating a successful App-V package:

These locations host some excellent information for sequencing applications:

Support Statements

Some vendors have released official support statements for their products running under various application virtualization products:

Here on

I have a number of App-V recipes documented on this site:

Community Driven App-V Recipes and Tips Feed

[Update – Feb 2016] I’ve now closed my Delicious account since Delicious started showing unsolicited ads in the App-V recipe feeds. The entire list of tips and recipes is available here in a single static page: App-V Recipes and Tips

I maintain a list of completed recipes plus various resources and recommendations for virtualizing applications with App-V, which you can view here – App-V Recipe bookmarks. Subscribe to this feed to keep up to date with new resources:

App-V Recipes and Tips feed

To search for a recipe, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Search box
  3. Type the name of the application plus “@aaronparker” (without quotes)

For example, to find resources on virtualizing Firefox, type “firefox @aaronparker” (without the quotes).