June 7, 2007

Adobe Reader 8.1 Direct Download Links

For anyone deploying Adobe Reader, the direct download links for Adobe Reader are far more useful than the standard download that attempts sell you on how great Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition and the Google Toolbar are.

Ideally you should be obtaining a Distribution Agreement for Adobe Reader if you are looking to distribute the application over your network or other means such as CDROM. Once you do obtain the agreement, you are given a link to the direct download page where you can get the direct download for various versions of Adobe Reader in your language of choice.

Here what I’ve found so far – happy downloading 😉

Update: Here’s a few more

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  • Thanks, I was looking for this…

  • Grateful

    Thank you very much, I was also looking for this. I fail to see why everyone wants to force their own download managers on us these days (Sun, Adobe…). Plain old http or ftp links to files on servers that support resume is just fine. I use Star Downloader as a download manager for large files when I think it is necessary. Adobe can take their download manager and… well, you can guess where I’m going with that. I complained to them that they fail to provide a simple link to a file.

    Again, thank you very much for this information. I was unwilling to get their download manager and reverse engineer it to determine where the actual installers are hosted.

  • Joshua

    Adobe’s Download Manager Blows…

    Can’t even connect right.

  • Marce

    I’m another one who thank you for this direct download link. I’ve spent good time looking for this in Adobe’s web pages and it was very dissapointing not finding the direct download link as I usually did with the previous versions.
    I prefer this way to download stuff: using my own download manager and saving the file (installer) for possible future re-use. Thanks again.

  • David

    I had a few questions in the Adobe Forums, if the links above are safe. Well if you can’t trust an Aussie, whom are you going to trust!!

    Anyway here is link for Adobe Reader 8.1 US English from Adobe’s FTP site:

    Or you can always start at and work your way through the folders until you find the correct version and language

  • adobeDLsucks


  • Here is the link for direct download of the italian version: